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2024 S-STEM Scholars & PI Meeting Logo Designed by Julie Ware

In November, the S-STEM Resource and Evaluation Center (REC) will host the first joint S-STEM Scholars & PI meeting in Chicago, Illinois. To commemorate this meeting, we were excited to invite S-STEM Scholars to design the logo we will use in promotional materials, communications, and meeting signage.

We are thrilled to announce that the logo selected for the 2024 S-STEM Scholars &  PI Meeting was created by Julie Ware, an S-STEM scholar at Savannah State University, whose design “embodies the power of networking in STEM, inspired by Chicago’s dynamic spirit.”.

Headshot of Julie Ware.

Headshot of Julie Ware.

The logo features two figures at the center of an atom with Chicago’s skyline on either side. This design symbolizes collaboration and emphasizes transformative connections. The elements of the design reflect the growing network of S-STEM scholars, the vibrant atmosphere of the S-STEM Scholars & PI Meeting, and the power of meaningful connections that can open doors to limitless opportunities.

Logo design contest participants were asked to create something that captured the spirit and goals of the S-STEM program and recognize Chicago, IL as this year’s meeting location.

In her contest entry, Julie shared that her design “serves as a visual tapestry, interweaving elements inspired by Chicago’s spirit, the S-STEM Scholars Program, and the numerological vision for 2024. It invites viewers to delve into a narrative that celebrates collaboration, diversity, and the potential for growth and success within the STEM community and beyond.”

Dark blue gradient background with a stylized representation of an atom with orbiting electrons, creatively superimposed on a dotted circle. Inside this atomic structure stand two silhouetted figures, positioned side by side. On either side of the dotted circle is the Chicago skyline. White text reads, "2024. Chicago. Illinois. S-STEM Scholars & PI Meeting. November 8-10."

Julie’s design for the 2024 S-STEM Scholars & PI Meeting logo contest.

As the designer of this year’s selected logo, Julie will be recognized at the 2024 S-STEM Scholars & PI Meeting with a certificate and gift card.

The S-STEM REC team was grateful for so much engagement by scholars in this contest and very impressed by the creative and thoughtful logo designs that we received.  In the coming weeks, we will highlight the logo designs from each of the contest finalists on social media. Thank you to all participants and we look forward to future opportunities for you to share your artistic talents!


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