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S-STEM Scholar Spotlight: Abigail Jean Alfonso

Abigail Jean Alfonso (she/her/hers) is an S-STEM Scholar at Skyline College. In this S-STEM Scholar Spotlight, Abby shares what sparked her interest in STEM and what keeps her motivate on her journey.
Headshot of Abigail Jean Alfonso.

Professional headshot of Abigail Jean Alfonso during her attendance at Genentech’s annual Futurelab Scholar Meeting. Courtesy of Genentech.

From a young age, the wonders of the natural world and the mysteries that science sought to unravel captivated me. The process by which scientific discoveries explained the complexities of life, the universe, and everything in between sparked my interest, and this curiosity led me to explore various fields within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). I felt ignited to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and innovation, and the endless possibilities in the field of medicine captivated me.

My passion for community advocacy, in conjunction with the idea of making a meaningful impact on society through medicine, also played a significant role in my love for innovation. The knowledge that various STEM fields have the potential to address pressing global challenges, from healthcare breakthroughs to sustainable technologies, has acted as a powerful driving force in my continued efforts to advance within the field. As a first-generation college student with an immigrant and low-income background, the allure of pushing boundaries and challenging the limits of what was deemed impossible, not only in science but also within the societal expectations of someone with my background, has continued to motivate me throughout my journey into medicine. I hope to continue advancing within this ever-growing field and be able to give back to disadvantaged communities throughout the world, ultimately helping those who are struggling and who come from similar backgrounds.

Rows of students smile while holding up certificates at the front of a lecture hall.

Stanford Summer Community College Premedical Program Commencement Ceremony on August 4th, where Abigail Jean Alfonso was able to receive recognition for her completion in the program. Courtesy of Emily Mozzetti.

Witnessing the tangible results of STEM efforts, whether it’s the development of life-saving medical treatments, or the creation of technologies that help to connect people globally, helps to serve as a reminder to me, of the real-world impact that STEM professionals can have. Furthermore, the supportive, engaging, and loving community within many STEM communities helps nurture my passions and cultivate my dreams. There is an abundance of factors that allow my passions to thrive and drive me to remain curious, persistent, and dedicated to pursuing a fulfilling education and career in STEM as a future medical professional. I am incredibly excited to continue down this long, but rewarding, journey into STEM and medicine!

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Headshot of Abigail Jean Alfonso.

Abigail Jean Alfonso

S-STEM Scholar

Skyline College


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