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S-STEM Scholar Spotlight: Anna Diaz Farias

Anna Diaz Farias (she/her) is an S-STEM Scholar at Heritage University. In this S-STEM Scholar Spotlight, Anna shares what her experience as an S-STEM Scholar has been like and how that experience has contributed to her current path in STEM.

Headshot of Anna Diaz Farias.

Headshot of Anna Diaz Farias.

Anna Diaz Farias wearing a white blazer and red checkered pants standing in front of a mounted research poster.

Anna Diaz Farias presenting a research poster.


My journey as an S-STEM Scholar has been truly transformative, enlightening, and remarkably supportive. Not only did I secure my very first internship during my freshman year, but I continued to gain valuable internship experiences throughout my undergraduate career. In addition, this scholarship has provided me with invaluable insights into graduate school opportunities, the art of networking, crafting abstracts, and attending a diverse array of conferences. This profound experience has not only shaped me as a student but has also profoundly influenced me as an individual.

The scholarship has not only allowed me to remain close to my family but has also alleviated any financial worries, enabling me to actively participate in numerous events and opportunities. As I continue on my career path, I remain open to possibilities, yet I have a clear direction in mind. I am eager to pursue further studies in STEM at the graduate level, with a potential focus on research or a trajectory toward a role within the government sector. I firmly believe that the best way to keep up with my adventures is to watch for my updates on LinkedIn, as life always has a way of surprising us.


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Headshot of Anna Diaz Farias.

Anna Diaz Farias

S-STEM Scholar

Heritage University


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